Fido University: Dog Park Development Online Training Plus Level Course Bundle and DogParksUSA Dog Park Development Manual


Are you or your group/municipality looking at developing a dog park in your community? Are you looking for expert help on how to get started and what to do step-by-step? I helped develop the very first public dog parks ever in the State of Florida, and it became a lifetime passion, with my helping many other communities develop their own dog parks. I have visited in person over 4,000 dog parks, both in the United States and abroad, to see how others are doing it right, doing it wrong, what challenges they had and how they overcame them, and finding some pretty cool things that others have done with their dog parks that my training will share with you. Taking my online course and watching the videos is a lot more enjoyable than reading my 569 page dog park development book (which I also sell alone as a downloadable PDF right here for just $30, but a copy is INCLUDED with this course bundle), plus colorful pictures and videos make it so much easier to understand the issues (AND the solutions) than just reading about them. Until you take this entire course, you don't know what you REALLY don't know about dog park development in order to insure that your dog park is successful . Yes, you can probably develop something just to get it open, and then it fails, because you don't know (yet) everything that you need to consider and work on in order to have a successful dog park. Do you really want to do all that work to open a dog park, just to have it fail in a year, or do you want to do all that work to open a dog park that is successful for years and years? If you want to succeed, you want to take this course. The entire course, from start to finish, is 4+ hours long, but you can take all the breaks you need and replay any of the lessons furever (sorry, forever).

Annoying Legal Notes: This subscription login cannot be shared with others; otherwise, access to your course will be buried by my dogs deeply underground with other yucky things (as in blocked) without refund for violating Gumroad policy, but you can invite whoever you want to sit with you while you watch, so there is really no need to share your access. The Gumroad hosting platform will be watching for access to the course from multiple devices and IP addresses, so try to limit yourself to accessing it with just two devices or IPs to prevent getting the spinster finger wag. The videos may not be downloaded, copied nor captured.

Section 508 Accessibility: This course has sub-titles (closed captioning - optional) available in English for every lesson in compliance with Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act and for the convenience of those users who do not require accommodation but may not be able to turn on audio while watching the course. You set whether you want sub-titles/closed captioning or not in your course player.

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Professional grade dog park development online training

•Introduction to Dog Park Development
•Site Selection
•Mandatory Features
•Rules & Regulations
•Noise Abatement
•Alternative Dog Park Types
•Innovative Activities
•Dog Owner Groups
•Political Action Plans
•Bite Prevention
•Resources: huge amount of downloads with master plans, proposals, liability agreements, forms, and more, AND a copy of the number one selling dog park manual in PDF format (569 pages long!)

Fido University: Dog Park Development Online Training Plus Level Course Bundle and DogParksUSA Dog Park Development Manual

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